30 Eylül 2014 Salı

New rules for Consumer 2.0

There are five rules to engaging a new breed of consumer. These rules were developed through our close relationships working in partnership with the teen and college demographic in the development and execution of word of mouth, experiential and interactive marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 clients. As new technologies continue to pervade older consumers, these rules will increasingly apply to all...at least until they change again.

Authenticity Trumps Celebrity- Consumer 2.0 responds to honest, relevant messaging from peers over marketing speak and celebrity endorsements
Niche is the new norm  - Consumers 2.0 do not form a mass market. They relish in choices and look for products and services that speak to them personally
Bite-size communications  dominate - Consumer 2.0 digests short, personal and highly relevant messaging in bulk while growing increasingly adept at blocking out noise
Personality Drives Adoption - Consumer 2.0 chooses to consume what they find useful in their lives over manufactured marketing needs
Consumers own brands - Consumer 2.0 will speak about, repurpose and associate with your brand as they see fit.

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