23 Ekim 2014 Perşembe

If Noncustomer oriented company Starts to use CRM System

When we are talking about CRM of course CRM brings benefits to company however deployment process of CRM lead to some difficulties, especially for the companies which is non-customer oriented. Actually, these type of companies face risks while to be  non-consumer oriented. Then if they get the CRM system with imitation or compulsion there will be several other obstacles.

These are ;

·       Misunderstanding the system
·       Directors/managers act their personal intuition
·    Unable to detect the system
·    Unable to transfer the correct subjects to the system
·       Avoid using CRM in the first place
·   Not to perform necessary CRM activities

which means the company is in danger.

Then think about how to be a customer oriented company!!! 
CRM is a very important requirement of your company!!!!


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