29 Ağustos 2009 Cumartesi

M-learning Concepts and Reflections


A government is an influential organization for learning and education. M-learning is a brand new way of learning in contemporary education and it is one of the latest stages information society has reached. During the transition process towards the information society, societies should act with due care on receiving and evaluating the information. Technologies play a critical role here and the government should provide its support in this regard by setting up the required environments to allow for further expansion. Governments are the biggest contributors and powerful framers for technological and legal infrastructures and also an impressive motivator for new ventures such as M-learning. In this context, M-learning as a component of M-government bears utmost importance. Governments should lay the foundations of M-learning in a proper manner. Referring to the definition of mobile learning, its characteristics and developments, this paper further considers M-learning with regard to the differences it has introduced in classical and E-learning, discusses the process of mobile transition and tries to shed light on what can be done in the future. The article also studies mobile learning, in terms of the product life cycle and makes a comparison between the learning methods.
Keywords: mobile learning, e-learning, educational technologies, concepts, learning life cycle.

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