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Some thoughts about the power of a second chance

©Gonca Telli Yamamoto

There are several options for learning. Most of them were face-to-face learning and on the job training until the recent development and most of the learning was one way to another monologues.
For the last decade after the web 2.0 which brings interaction and socialization opportunities to the users learning is evolving to e-learning and two way dialogue.
Some of you may heard the term e-learning before but for those of you who do not know what it is I would first like to introduce this concept.
E-learning can be defined as learning facilitated and supported through the use of digital media. E-learning or previously distance education enables us to appoint little time for knowledge in our Daily lives which doesn’t actually interfere with neither our work nor our lives. Like the poem;
Little drops of water
Little grains of sand
Make the mighty ocean
And the beauteous land
Mrs. J. A. Carney (1845)
You may be working in a factory, in a field, in a school or in an office it doesn’t really matter. The only prerequisite is internet access to get this knowledge. If you can satisfy your learning need then you become more confident in any aspect of life and become good role models for the next generation.
If you have an access to the internet you can reach any online program or information borderless in a second, in your allocated time. This means a lot of flexibility. Playful and effective solutions really helps learners.
Mankind had never met with so much information in a single environment and the world has never been so accessible. Moreover you can continue your education in your preferred environment where you feel safe and warm. These can be done with proper e-learning and distance education solutions.
Not everyone can literally go to school, not everyone can afford a good school, and not everyone have equal opportunities to study. This makes e-learning an important social value and tool. Because there are no time constraints, no need for transportation or movement, doesn’t really cost that much. In addition to these e-learning helps to allocate and build your capacity, in your way.

I have a very good example from Turkey here. I was reading the newspapers when I came across a news article about graduation. A very lovely lady 84 years of age named Fatma Mihriban Aktarı had graduated from Mimar Sinan University after 61 years of forced hiatus.
She had several problems during her life and she attempted to go to university 3 times however she had encountered some problems. But first she graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Education during her work life. She was working as a teacher at that time. Then she graduated from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Arts when she was 84. She is one of the best examples I have ever seen.
From the day she enrolled to a different faculty when she was 18 years old, she had been wanting this second chance in life.
So maybe we should ask ourselves when people start wanting a second chance.
Another question: Is second chance related to regrets, losses or something different?
Thirty- Forty years ago the life cycle of a woman was to be the life cycle of a woman was to be born, to be raised, until marriage go to school, learn matters such as cooking, cleaning, ironing etc. to be a good housewife. Then marry, have children, raise them, the children would leave the nest. Then she will wait until she dies.
In our days we have the same starting point, but after going to school, have a degree, learn how to manage your house, marriage, start a career, have children, be a working mum, or leave the job for a certain time to raise your children. Then one day the children would leave the nest. You can go back to work, work until you retire. Then you will wait until you die. During this time the majority of these people do not use their chances to their regrets as I stated this rare Turkish Example.
To tell the truth a very small percent of these women create a value in their lives.
I believe all people can react more efficient in their second chances. E-learning will be an option;
·         to create your own second chance
·         to create an exit or way to a second chance
·         and to prepare a new generation so that they do not need a second chance.
This means e-learning helps you allocate and build your capacity with your conditions.
With E-learning;
·         You can understand limitless borders of your capacity
·         You can find the doors of endless opportunities from art to science, past to future.
So to short anything and everything is in your hands!

Thank You!

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Tuğba Buldu dedi ki...

We All know e-learnign has many advantages but I had never thought about its benefits for woman until reading this article. Nice point!

Tuğba Buldu dedi ki...

we all know e-learning has many advantages but I had never thought about its benefits for woman until reading this article. Nice point! Thank you.