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Mobile Learning and STEM

Helen Crompton ve John Traxler'in editörlüğünü yapmış olduğu Mobile Learning and STEM Case Studies in Practice adlı kitapta Emre Fırat ile birlikte " A New Approach to Mathematics Learning K12 in Turkey" başlıklı bölümümüz yer alıyor. İçindekiler kısmını aşağıda paylaşıyorum. Kitap https://www.routledge.com/products/9781138817036 adresinden temin edilebilir.

Ayrıca; https://books.google.com.tr/books?id=kL80CwAAQBAJ&pg=PT200&lpg=PT200&dq=mobile+STEM+gonca&source=bl&ots=Qf9Ldi8ynP&sig=EucX5h01xlixateB9yEghlSJgx0&hl=tr&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi1wLLUyvLJAhUG_ywKHdDxCtsQ6AEIJzAC#v=onepage&q=mobile%20STEM%20gonca&f=false görülebilir.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Helen Crompton and John Traxler
Chapter 1. Mobile Learning and STEM: First Experiences in a Senior High School in Ghana by Margarete Grimus and Martin Ebner
Chapter 2. Using the cameras on mobile phones, iPads and digital cameras to create animations in science teaching and learning by Jocelyn Wishart
Chapter 3. Evaluating the Use of Mobile Technology in Math Education: A Case Study by Christina Gitsaki and Matthew A. Robby
Chapter 4. The impact of an outdoor mobile-supported learning activity on students’ motivation, perceived performance and satisfaction by Stavros A. Nikou and Anastasios A. Economides
Chapter 5. Learning to see with a different eye: using the cameras on mobile phones and PDAs in science teaching and learning by Jocelyn Wishart, Sakunthala Yatigammana Ekanayake, and James Fernandes
Chapter 6. Supporting Mobile Learning and Citizen Science Through iSpot by Will Woods, Kevin McLeod, and Janice Ansine
Chapter 7. Creating Concept Driven Videos to Promote Autonomous Learning by Alissa K Carter
Chapter 8. EcoMOBILE: Designing for contextualized STEM learning using mobile technologies and augmented reality by Amy Kamarainen, Shari Metcalf, Tina Grotzer and Chris Dede
Chapter 9. Project Outbreak: Take Biology Out of the Classroom and into the World by Farah Bennani and Kae Novak
Chapter 10. Engaging science learners through lived practice via a collaborative mobile game by Denise M. Bressler
Chapter 11. Mobile Learning with a Remotely Operated Science Laboratory by Donggil Song and Paul Kim
Chapter 12. The Relationship between Mobile Learning, Instructional Delivery and Student Motivation in a Large Undergraduate Science Class by Kristen H. Gregory and Helen Crompton
Chapter 13. A New Approach to Mathematics Learning K12 in Turkey by Gonca Telli Yamamoto and Emre Firat
Chapter 14. Integrating Two Technologies: Tablets and Teaching by Jarek Sierschynski
Chapter 15. Embodied Learning on the edge of Mobile by Mattias Davidsson
Chapter 16. A Case Study of Synchronous Collaboration in Middle School Math by Billie Jean Holubz
Chapter 17. Mobile Learning (M-Learning) As A Paradigmatic Mechanism To Facilitate Technology-based Learning In A Developing Country by Suzaan Le Roux
Chapter 18. Mobile Learning for Online Practical Science Modules in Higher Education by Victoria Nicholas
Chapter 19. An Exploration into Mobile Gamification in an Information Technology Classroom by Laurie Butgereit
Chapter 20. Towards Mobilizing Mathematics via Gamification and Mobile Applications by Ferial Khaddage and Christoph Lattemann
Conclusion by John Traxler and Helen Crompton
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