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Mobile marketing is the new language of marketing

Mobile marketing is the new language of marketing by KATHE MARION (http://www.amazines.com/Communication/article_detail.cfm/1152294?articleid=1152294)


Mobile marketing is the newest marketing strategy which has become the most preferable and affordable marketing method for every kind of businessman. Even the newer business owners are also considering this way of marketing. There are lots of reasons behind this. It helps the marketing to a large degree. Not only this but also the cost factor and time factor is responsible for the increasing popularity of SMS marketing. If you have a mobile phone then you can understand this better. Everyday or nearly everyday you come across SMSs which promotes new products and other services sent to your mobile. Many free SMS portals like internet SMS sending sites gives advertises through message. But it is to be noted that without the consent of the customers the mobile providers and also the free messaging sites can not send the advertising. If you like them or better to say interested in them do the necessary, but if you do not want then to be saved delete them instantly. It is as simple as this.
Sms marketing is a very effective and cheap means of marketing strategy. With the help of the SMS marketing strategy you need not have to write the same message repeatedly. Rather all you need to do is to write it once and set the mobile numbers you want to deliver the message to and send it. And within a few moments your message would be delivered to the customer’s hand set. The most interesting feature of this method is its store and forward facility. With the help of this the message you send does not go straight to the customer’s hand set and therefore if the time you send the message, your customer is not within the range or if his cell is turned off then there is no chance of your message getting lost in the mid way. The message you send can wait in the SMSC server for days if necessary and would be delivered when your customer comes within the range or turns his mobile on.

Other than these technical facilities there are some other advantages of the SMS marketing strategy. On of them is that with the help of this method of marketing you need not disturb your customer at his busy time. As in case of telephonic conversation the customer sometimes gets irritated with the call as you can never know what your customer is doing when you are going to call him.

Apart from SMS marketing Bluetooth marketing is another tool for mobile marketing which can be used in the form of text, or video photos, coupons, calendar alarms, text, web links and more can be send to the customer’s mobile directly. But in this case it is important for the customer to be within the range of the transmitter and also it needs the customer’s permission. But along with that a lot more things and information can be send to the customer’s mobile if the transmitter gets the customer’s permission

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