21 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi

Mobile Marketing Definition

By Gonca Telli Yamamoto

Mobile marketing is using the mobile vehicles as a marketing tool to reach customers. It is the most simple and direct method of marketing in our era. In fact, marketing activities executable or relocatable is in motion or through channels, may be interpreted as mobile marketing. It is a concept that different forms are considered developments and changes in the new marketing processes / activities.

Mobile marketing activities, promotion of services performed or products to the masses on the move have to proclaim that the individual concerned with it. Individuals are also encouraged to shop with their mobile devices while on the move. Directly target a specific goal or who are not particularly draw the attention of the customer's purchasing incentive can also be interpreted as a method of marketing used for activation. Mobile marketing also offers some tools to companies to analyze and evaluate the proposals according to him, to follow before and after sales processes to the customers. With the mobile devices consumers want to buy products that can have access anywhere, anytime, this means a next-generation marketing system is offering something to the people. On the other hand mobile marketing is an advanced direct marketing method that enables fast access through individuals. In short, that is exactly a system that brings the options presented to individual customers without limit of time and space in the pocket of the customer with all the possibilities of digital media and marketing environment that is used on the move by reaching every corner of life.

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